Length Closure Ratio (B): 1 to 7.5

Width Closure Ratio (B): 1 to 2.6

Green: 51 ft. x 243 ft. (15.5 x 74.1 m)

Ratio Width to Length (Face to Face): 1:2.9

Face to Face: Width: 103 ft. (31.4 m)

Face to Face: Length: 301 ft. (91.7 m)

Height A: 35.5 ft. (10.8 m)

Height B: 40 ft. (12.2 m)

Trevor Square

Around 1810, William F. Pocock advised Lord Dungannon to demolish the late seventeenth century mansion of the Trevor Family which was called Powis House and in its place to develop a narrow square and related streets. The following year, Powis House was demolished, and Pocock took charge of both overall design as well as the development, building No. 1 Trevor Square himself as well as homes on Trevor Terrace and Arthur Street.

At three stories on the whole, the narrow park width works well, and doesn’t seem too narrow. The hardscape clipped corners at the northern end of the park is successful and unique to the area. The noncontinuous balconies work well and break up what otherwise would be long unbroken facades. The northeastern termination of the square is well executed. The southern end unfortunately is overshadowed by the tall buildings that front on Brompton.

Trevor Square. NE terminus.

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