Square ratio: 1: 1.1

Average Width: 73 ft (21.9 m)

Average Length: 75 ft (22.9 m)

Average Height [3 to 7 stories]: 55 ft (16.8 m)

Width enclosure ratio: 1 to 1.4

Length enclosure ratio: 1 to 1.3

Place de Furstenberg, Paris

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk picked a very unique formal open space in Paris, Place de Furstenberg, which lies on the Left Bank. This tiny “place” is 70 feet by 75 feet (20 m x 22m) from face of building to face of building! The closure ratio is quite high as the surrounding buildings rise from three stories to seven. Four famous trees are set in square formation within a tiny circle. There is no “green,” nor is there any place to sit. What you have is a dramatic occurrence  which has been painted by literally hundreds of important painters and amateurs. The sculptural quality of the four Pawlonia trees and the play of light and shadow on the pavement and the  significant sense of enclosure and intimacy combine to make a truly memorable experience! 

Place de Furstenberg

The tiny square was actually created as a “cour de honneur” for the famous Cardinal William Egon de Furstenberg who embellished his adjoining abbey by creating an arrival court and stalls for the horses of the abbey as well as guests. This explains what would otherwise be very tight dimensions. Over time, the “cour” was added to the surrounding street system and most of the original stables fabric was torn down or reinvented.   

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