There have been some wonderful sources through which to prowl. But if I had to pick out two for special mention, it would be those of the Survey of London (which may be found on line at British Heritage) and the articles and book on Thomas Cubitt written by Hermione Hobhouse. The foregoing were carefully researched, and appear reliable. The same cannot be said for most internet related sites which appear when one does a search for a garden, square, developer or designer. It is clear that cut and paste is rampant; the same misinformation is reported on numerous sites in identical ways. Dates and names are often wrong. That said, all the information contained on this small site devoted to the Squares of Belgravia and Kensington should be taken as “generally” accurate. I have obtained copies of most of the original sources, but without greater study in the London archives, much must be taken with a grain of salt.

Further help from individuals additionally was important. Aside from those who selected “picks,” I especially appreciated the encouragement and guidance of Chuck Bohl who led the Knight Program , Liz Plater-Zyberk who invented “pick of the day,” Matthew Hardy of the Prince’s Foundation who intoduced me to Euro-Urb and many British sources, Bill Lennertz who told me of traveling to London with Andres Duany and Robert Davis to see many of the squares, Robert Davis – developer of Seaside and a great Belgravia enthusiast, Stefanos Polyzoides who taught me about the squares of the SW United States, Michael Mahaffey who shared sources, Andrew Miller who has done the best work on Proximity Theory, John Massengale, a recovering architect, who pressed Malborough, my assistant Allyson Eller who endured odd typing tasks, and my ultra patient wife, Fran Bloodworth.

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