1877 – 1888

Col. Makins, William Young, JJ Stevenson

Length Closure Ratio (B): 8.5:1

Width Closure Ratio (B): 4.1:1

Green: 202 ft. x 631 ft. (61.6 x 192.3 m)

Ratio Width to Length (Face to Face): 1:2.1

Face to Face: Width: 265.5 ft. (80.9 m)

Face to Face: Length: 553 ft. (168.6 m)

Height A: 54 ft. (16.5 m)

Height B: 65 ft. (19.8 m)

Cadogan Square

In 1874, the Cadogan and Hans PLace Improvements Act allowed re-development to commence on both the Cadogan and Smith Charity Trust property. Henry Holland’s Pavilion at the southern end of Hans Place was demolished, and Col. Makins, chairman of the newly formed Cadogan and Hans Place Estate Ltd. , selected JJ Stevenson to help in the overall layout and design. Pont Street was extended to connect Sloane Street to Walton Street, and Cadogan Square with its associated streets was constructed.

 The Queen Anne movement was at its heyday. The west side of Cadogan Square was constucted between 1877 and 1884 with William Young doing the design for Lord Cadogan. Between 1879 and 1885, Stevenson was largely responsible for the design of homes built on the southern range. GT Robinson built up the east side with early examples of mansion flats.

Cadogan Square with Lennon Gardens to the westThe deep dark orange of the facade was repeated in Lennon Gardens to the west. The overall feel is a combination of Dutch and Victorian. The effect is not particularly dreary on an overcast day, but one intuitively feels the earlier white stucco of the later  Georgian era is better. There is a clear sense of frivolity and display – no doubt a cultural relief at the time to the over use of rigid classicism in the hands of speculative builders.
The square is quite long – almost twice the recognition distance of 250 feet. The breadth isreasonable. The streets are approximately 32 feet wide, including on street parking.  

Northwest Terraces (photo by Paul Leonard)

2 Responses to “Cadogan Square”

  1. Rachel Daley Says:

    Wonderful site. I would be most pleased to know how to contact Paul Leonard to obtain a hi res image of the North West terraces of Cadogan Square to reproduce in a forthcoming book. I would be glad to hear from you as soon as possible.

    • Rachel, thank you for your kind comment. I found Paul’s image while doing research on line and the site said it was permissible to reuse the image so long as proper reference was made. I would suspect you could google Paul Leonard and Cadogan and find the link. Russell

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